F L O R I A N . R I T T E R

Live Life As If You’re already Dead

Florian Ritter, a vibrant and creative individual in his forties, is known for his high energy, proactive nature, and genuine affection for people. However, he grapples with FOMO, leading him to immerse himself in a multitude of activities throughout his life’s journey. the amount of projects does not matter, since success is secondary. 

11 + 11 is a fixed gear bike brand to satisfy Florian’s addiction to riding beautiful assembled light bikes, since the age of eleven.

Frism is Florian’s professional and engaging brand straetgy business, which evolved from his long career in Advertising and Branding since 2006

Every Designer buys himself a camera at some point. Florian took advantage and started his photography path through falling in love souls in humans and nature.

Last but not least, Florian illustrates